Pilates Studio of Boothbay Harbor -

Welcome to the
Pilates Studio of Boothbay Harbor
The only Pilates Studio in Boothbay Harbor

The Studio offers sessions on the
Cadillac and the Reformer, two
pieces of the traditional Pilates


                                            Services offered
Individual Pilates equipment sessions
Semi-private Pilates equipment sessions -- "Duets"
Feldenkrais Group classes
Individual hands-on Feldenkrais lessons
Osteoporosis Exercise consultations
 Group Yoga classes
Holistic Nutrition Education

 Pilates is exercise from the inside out
This unique form of exercise makes exercising fun. Traditionally known as the ultimate in "core" strengthening, and often recommended by doctors for back pain, Pilates creates a body that is strong, flexible and coordinated. Without a doubt you will find your posture improves, as does your overall sense of wellbeing, when you commit to a regular Pilates routine. 
Pilates is an innovative system of exercise that dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels, and most importantly, performs.  It teaches body awareness, coordination, agility and economy of motion.
The "core" of it all
The core consists of all the muscles that encircle your torso, most especially those that comprise the abdominals and the back.  You will learn how to engage these muscles correctly -- which will be a far cry from the way it is commonly, and ineffectively, taught in gyms and health clubs.
When your core is strong, your back, arms and legs will function at their optimum level.
Who can do Pilates?
Men and women, young or old, fit or unfit, Pilates is perfect for everyone.  It provides the foundation for correct movement form, which enables you to more successfully engage in other types of exercise or sports activities.  Top athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB and the Olympics use Pilates for strength, flexibility, and injury prevention.

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